The Great Bounty Hunt

A New Adventure


After brief introductions at the city gate, three adventurers Servaes, Kruphix, and Tomoe Gozen have decided to meet the Duke together to find out what help is needed. They head straight to the Duke’s castle in town where they are greeted by a nervous looking steward in the grand hall and meet the man himself after a short wait. Duke Bavmorda scoffs at the party at first glance and claims that the party is probably only good for cleaning his basement of cobwebs.

After some convincing, the three adventurers hear of three tasks the Duke needs carried out.

- A three headed “demon beast” was reported and claimed to have taken out several farms not far from the city. Bavmorda needs the beast killed and some specific body parts brought back.

- A large green monster with no other description was seen kidnapping farmers near a village out to the east. As with the other beast, the Duke needs the best killed and body parts returned to him.

- There is also a goblin raiding party that the Duke needs taken care of. He does not give any more details about this task.

This is all the information the Duke gives at this point since he is still not convinced the group will return alive. His advice is to tackle the green monster first, and the party quickly heads out east in pursuit of this beast.

After about a half day of travel, the group spots a path leading into a dense forest and proceeds inward. After making some decision on which direction to follow, they come across a small clearing. Tomoe deftly sprawls clear of a nasty pit trap at the start of the clearing immediately before an arrow shoots from the trees in the other side and lodges into Kruphix’s shoulder. The party quickly regains their wits and is able to spot a dark figure hiding in the trees thanks to an expertly thrown light source by Servaes. The three adventurers quickly dispose of what they realize to be a half-orc monster hunter (and his three large pet spiders). Appearances here seem to indicate that he was trying to lure something out of a nearby cave entrance that they now see leads underground from the clearing.

Onward through the entrance, the group proceeds down a steep decline to find a large sprawling cavern with several short offshooting corridors. At the end of one, Kurphix’s trusty wolf-steed, Horse, spots a very large and grotesque-looking green figure feeding on something. The monster spots the party and the battle is on. The group quickly realizes this is a nasty and powerful extraplanar creature with some powerful spells. But they endure. After nearly losing Kruphix’s steed, the beast is killed. They cut up the body parts requested by Bavmorda and are now prepared to move on.

XP gained – 5700

+1 composite longbow – Kruphix
Ring of sustenance – Servaes
Adamantine Dagger
Javelin of Lightning
40gp from the Monster Hunter’s pockets


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