Servaes Rygart



Servaes is a tall human with short brown hair whom looks rather young. He wears well-crafted back artisan’s vest with fancy black pantaloons belted with a bright silver buckle. A silvery buckler rests on his left arm, and a spiked gauntlet sits menacingly on his right hand. A small but obviously expensive silver-etched harversack rests on his back.

Often he is accompanied by a pet weasel named Roger. However, Roger is rather shy and tries to stay out of sight the majority of the time.



Servaes never had the strength of normal boys for his age. His body was frail and weak, which made him a target for bully’s in school.

His grandfather was a renowned wizard who spent countless hours locked away in libraries learning the trade of magic. Servaes, upon reaching puberty, became able to cast difficult spells without fully understanding them. While he did what he could to teach Servaes of the arcane arts, he was always jealous that Servaes did not have to work hard to understand the intricacies of magic in order to use them. It just came naturally to him.

Servaes left his home after his grandfather died looking for fame and fortune. He is young but understands enough of the human psyche in order to bend other people’s will in his direction. Now he travels to a faraway city in search of treasure and arcane artifacts.

Servaes Rygart

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