Tomoe Gozen



Weapons of choice: Katana (melee, 1 or 2 handed)
Longbow (ranged)
AC 21

Noteworthy Abilities/Feats:

Ronin’s Challenge +5- Tomoe can challenge a foe, and deals extra damage to that enemy equal to her level

Mounted Archer- Tomoe is skilled at firing ranged weapons while mounted

Killer- Tomoe made her first kill at a very young age… and liked it. She deals additional damage equal to her weapon’s critical hit modifier when she scores a successful critical hit

Hardly a Fool- Tomoe has always been able to ferret out lies and deception. +1 trait bonus to Sense Motive checks and on saving throws against illusion effects


Tomoe Gozen believes that the ultimate truth in life is held within the present, and nowhere else. She believes that ultimate enlightenment can be found through true immersion in the present moment, leaving behind all of the fear, anxiety, and stress that comes with too much focus on the future, and all of the sorrow, regret, and sadness that comes from too much focus on the past.

Tomoe has spent her life training as a samurai, and has kept allegiance to no one in order to free herself to roam in search of the ultimate fight. For, she believes that battle is the ultimate gateway to enlightenment, since in battle there is nothing but the present moment. No past and no future, only the now, or death will come before discovery of true life, enlightenment in the present moment.

Tomoe Gozen

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